Parents around the Nati can not find baby formula. Via Fox19 There’s no quick-fix to the issue. Even federal regulators’ announcement last week allowing foreign formula manufacturers to stay on domestic shelves hasn’t offered much immediate relief. “It makes me anxious,” said Erica Wildeboer. “You get worried because you have to be able to feed […]

Bobby Brown had to get something off his chest. He has revealed that he was sexually molested by a priest as a child. During an interview teasing his forthcoming A&E episode of Biography.  Bobby said: “When my mother was arrested, I was sent to temporary custody by social services which was supposed to be a […]

Tyler Perry is going to use every resource to find the killer of Clarence Avant’s wife. This story is just so sad I’m glad Tyler Perry is stepping up and using his patform. via People: Perry shared images of Clarence and Jaqueline on Twitter while mourning the loss of the latter. Jacqueline was killed on Wednesday […]

The pandemic has hurt a lot of people’s pockets in Hamilton County & people were struggling to make it. But now there is help. Via Fox19 Dozens of people spread over two floors at the United Way answered calls from Hamilton County residents. When folks dialed 211, they were connected to the appropriate county department […]

Google is making it easier to find black-owned businesses in 2021. Plus they have seen a growth search of 600% in the past 12 months via: People Google is making it easier to support Black-owned businesses. In honor of the start of Black History Month, on Feb. 1, Google announced they were launching a new shopping […]

This is such a touching story a Local professor donated $5,000 to help a complete stranger with a kidney transplant. Via WCPO Aaron Thorn spent months holding a sign on Princeton Road in search of a kidney donor who could help his wife, Keli. They found one — but on Tuesday, 28 days from her […]

Steve Harvey almost went off on Rob Gronkowski for taking a Lego model of Harvey’s head and spiked it to the ground, as he did with footballs during his NFL career.   via NYP:  former Patriots tight end’s antics left Harvey incredulous Tuesday night during “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey” on Fox, when Gronkowski took […]

50 Cent and Russell Simmons Are not happy with Oprahs MeeToo Documentary… 50 took to his IG to tell actually how he felt. via NYP: Hip-hop artist 50 Cent took to Instagram on Thursday, writing, “I don’t understand why Oprah is going after black men,” along with a photo of Winfrey and Russell Simmons — the latter of […]

The man made me say What The Fasho. How you gone get made and put your hands on this young lady. I’m not made at her at all for doing what she did! #WTFasho

A  non-profit group conducted a new study about Cincinnati Traffic and here’s what they came up with. The  “Modernizing Ohio’s Transportation System” study by the non-profit ‘TRIP’ discusses the progress as well as the challenges in providing safe, efficient and well-maintained roads, highways and bridges throughout the Cincinnati area.   Researches say that the most money […]