Snoop Dogg: Launches "Doggy Land" Animated TV Series

Taraji P Henson is doing good in the hood she has launched a mental health campaign! This is a tough thing to talk about I’m glad she is taking it on, thank you Taraji. via: Revolt The Curious Case of Benjamin Button star created The Unspoken Curriculum in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month. The initiative […]

Google is making it easier to find black-owned businesses in 2021. Plus they have seen a growth search of 600% in the past 12 months via: People Google is making it easier to support Black-owned businesses. In honor of the start of Black History Month, on Feb. 1, Google announced they were launching a new shopping […]

One United bank released a Harriet Tubman debit card and people went in on social media… On the card, it’s a woman that’s supposed to be Harriet  Tubman but she looks a little weird and she’s doing the Wakanda salute. I understand the gesture but Ummm no try again, please.  What The Fasho! Via LoveBScott […]