SZA Opens Up About How Social Media Makes Her Feel SZA is talking about her relationship with social media. The singer recently shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) about what she sees online and how it makes her reflect on her own life. She wrote, “No one teaches you how to enjoy ur life […]

John Legend Says Limiting Social Helped His Mental Health John Legend reveals how taking time away from social media has helped his mental health. During a talk with Yahoo Life, Legend revealed that he’s backed away from social media, specifically X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. According to John, “X is a little too […]

Is it a wrap for Tiffany Haddish and Common? He unfollowed her on social media which could be a clear sign. Via LoveBScott Now, in October, fans are noticing that Common does not follow Tiffany on Instagram any longer and they’re speculating that the two have broken up. Adding further fuel to the breakup fire, […]

Justin Bieber is suing two social media users for defamation of character who accused him of sexual assault earlier this week.     via TMZ: Bieber is suing 2 Jane Does — who go by Danielle and Kadi on social media — for defamation over what he calls “malicious” claims he sexually assaulted them in 2014 and 2015, respectively. According […]

This is nothing to play about… Police are investigating a Social media threat surrounding the School Of Performing Arts. I can’t believe someone would do something like this… Via Fox19 The threat on social media had a date and a time calling for a school “shoot out.” It also stated to “be a pro hide […]

Donald Trump hilariously flubbed Apple CEO Tim Cook‘s name yesterday at the White House and now he’s getting a lot of negative covfefe on social media. During a meeting of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, President Trump thanked Cook but said, “We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.” No one corrected the president and Cook sat quietly […]

CLEVELAND – It’s the latest video craze. It’s driven up Nintendo’s market value by $7.5 billion. And it’s as big in Cleveland as it is in the rest of the country…and the world. “It” is Pokemon Go, a new smart phone  “augmented reality” game, which layers gameplay onto the physical world. It’s become the top grossing […]

If you’ve ever wondered why you log  on to Facebook and see the same 7 people on your timeline, or why certain things trend on Twitter; like the recent happenings in Ferguson, Mo.,  & not Facebook then you need to read this article… CLICK HERE FOR FULL ARTICLE

It’s pretty sick how low some people can get. Zelda, Robin William’s 25 year old daughter recently removed every social media network app from all of her devices after receiving hate messages from people following the alleged suicide of her father. For More On This Story Visit Here