Today is Tuesday, May 29th Aka Orange And Blue Day. The FC soccer team will make a huge announcement today at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday with MLS commissioner Don Garber, FCC President Jeff Berding, Owner Carl Lindner and Mayor John Cranley. How do you feel about this announcement? Will this announcement help the city? (FOX19)

Another school shooting this time in Noblesville, Indiana, officials said. A suspect is in custody after what Indiana State Police spokesman Sgt. John Perrine earlier called an active shooter incident at Noblesville West Middle School. This is just sad something has to be done. How many more lives have to be taken in order for […]

An Ohio man gave new meaning to the term firing range when he ended up with gunshot wounds after he turned on his oven, forgetting that he’d stored a revolver inside for safe keeping. Robin Garlock shoved the weapon in the broiler pan when his girlfriend told him that kids were coming over to visit, and totally […]

This story made me say What The Fasho. A 37-year-old lady left her child in the car with the window cracked while she got her hair done. Wow I can’t believe this I have kids of my own and I make sure I take them out of the car everytime I get out. Police say Jaimyce […]

The Prince estate has made a deal with Tidal to release new music from the artist’s vault. The streaming service co-owned by Jay-Z will release an exclusive album of never-before-heard material in 2019. The plan is for the album to steam on Tidal for 14 days, with downloads available seven days into the period. The album will be available at a […]

The two black men who were wrongly arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks in April have reached a settlement with the city, the mayor’s office announced on Wednesday. They’ll only get a single dollar each, but the two 23-year-olds – Donte Robinson and Rashon Nelson – will leave their mark in another way. They agreed to drop their claims if […]

The Nfl draft was last night and the Cincinnati Bengals Ohio State center Billy Price with the No. 21 pick in the first round of this year’s NFL Draft. Although this is a good pick I still think we some more quarterback. Andy needs to go in my opinion, what are your thoughts on that? “He’s very […]

  The school district where a student opened fire two years ago, shooting two students, is now allowing teachers and other staff members to bring guns into classrooms. The Madison Local School Board unanimously passed the measure Tuesday night. What are your thoughts on teachers being able to carry guns in one Cincinnati school district? I […]

  The Funeral is today of the Ohio Teen trapped in the van. Family members will gather together for the Funeral of 16 year old Kyle Plush. Let’s continue to pray for his family and friends as they get through this time. A teen in Ohio is dead after making several 911 calls to report […]

A pizza deliveryman in Kentucky brought a hot, fresh pizza to a home in just minutes — and he showed up right at the perfect time. It turns out that pizza was the least important thing 26-year-old Ralph Letner brought with him. It was his bravery that really came in handy. Just as Ralph arrived at […]

Two people are dead in a plane collision in Indiana. A small propeller plane ran into a larger private jet while taking off from Marion Municipal Airport, and both people on the small plane were killed in an ensuing fire. Five people were on board the jet; no word on their status. The airport does not […]

An armed high school teacher in Georgia was arrested yesterday after he barricaded himself inside a classroom and fired a shot through a window. 53-year-old Jesse Randall Davidson locked his classroom door at Dalton High School just before students arrived for his class and wouldn’t let anyone in. He kept shouting at them to get away. The […]